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$4.1 million dollars gives 2 siblings the ability to stick it to the man.

Dan Dalton and Casey Dalton are not fans of the ongoing war on drugs. Instead of just addressing the problem and sitting back, they took action. They believe that marijuana is a medicine and that incarcerating people at this point is complete hypocrisy.

“You know … there are people sitting in jail cells right now for personal possession of flower. And the hypocrisy makes no sense to me." - Dan Dalton

The cannabis market now consists of eleven states with a recreational/medical plan and twenty-one states with at least a medical plan. Between the two types of programs, the United States has thirty-two states with active or soon to be active cannabis programs. In 2021 these states collected a total of $31.5B in sales. When Dalton expresses his concerns over hypocrisy, he makes a very valid point.

“Our saying here is we grow weed at a prison to help people get out of prison for growing weed,”-Dan Dalton

What did Dalton do? He bought an abandoned prison in California and turned it into a marijuana farm. This idea was genius! Dalton was able to take his feelings and put them on display for the world to see because what shows hypocrisy more than growing marijuana in a place where many people reside for using it. Hopefully, this example will shine bright and catch the attention of the American Government and inspire other industry workers to take action over the issue.

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