Biden Pardons 3 and Commutes 75 sentences. First Relief we have seen since the POTUS took office.

The President showed some relief to those who had non-violent drug charges yesterday. This effort is the first time we have seen him take action on the matter during his presidency. It is not a mass pardon, but hopefully, this is the first step to getting many others the relief they deserve.

"Today, I am pardoning three people who are striving every day to give back and contribute to their communities. I am also commuting the sentences of 75 people who are serving long sentences for non-violent drug offenses."

- President Biden Via Twitter.

In this relief effort, President Biden pardoned three people and is commuting seventy-five sentences. They were picking the offenders based off if they would get a lesser sentencing today than when the actual offense occurred. I would call this a good step in the right direction and hope to see this effort continue.

"We are also announcing new steps to support those re-entering society after incarceration. Helping those who served their time return to their families and become contributing members of their communities is one of the most effective ways to reduce recidivism and decrease crime."- President Biden Via Twitter.

President Biden also wants to help reintroduce these people back into society. He announced that they are offering support to help these people get back to their families and be able to contribute to the public. President Biden has done some good for these people by getting them out and offering them some help.

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