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ACS, short for AllClearSystem, was founded in 2012, the same year that recreational cannabis became legal in Colorado and Washington. Originally developed based on mandatory facility clearing protocol in the heavily-regulated financial services industry, ACS now protects over 10,000 people and counting, and our niche solution has been successfully implemented in multiple industries. At ACS, we are committed to continual improvement and work to expand our system's functionality to better protect our customers and serve their industry-specific needs. As the industry standard for Cannabis Employee Safety, we want to help you keep your people safe, and improve your business functionality while you're at it.

Who We Are

About Us: Protect User Privacy

Why ACS Safe?

We fortify your Emergency Plans with a comprehensive approach.

ACS Safe equips you with everything you need to protect your employees, including a detailed, cloud-based audit trail that records every action taken in the system. We aren't just a mass-messaging service or a third-party monitoring company: we develop the tools that you can implement and use to increase your security and improve operational efficiency, saving you time and money and helping you stay compliant.

We protect your greatest asset: your people.

What's the one thing your business could not function without? Infrastructure can be rebuilt, inventory replenished, and plans remade, but people cannot be replaced. That's why ACS Safe is designed exclusively to serve and protect people. By shoring up your safety and prioritizing your employees, you can increase employee retention, thereby investing in human capital, boosting your productivity and saving time and money.

We prioritize user privacy and data security.

Many solutions designed to protect and facilitate business ventures cause unnecessary invasion of privacy, use high levels of mobile data, or require costly time to clean the collected data of errors and fraud. ACS Safe uses a negligible amount of cellular data each month, takes up very little device storage, and does not drain battery life. ACS Safe does not allow the editing of time stamps or buddy punching, increasing accuracy and reliability of data.

We do not expose your establishment to further risk.

ACS Safe works in all 50 states and internationally, so you can use it wherever you need and whenever you need it, without additional risk of noncompliance. Our system does not deal with inventory or money, only people. We are an employee security app with an established clientele across multiple industries and 99% customer retention.

We are in tune with the evolving industry.

Cannabis is a blossoming industry plagued by red tape and a storm of ever-changing regulations. We did our homework, employing interns and contacting experts in the industry, from educators and growers to regulators and operators, to investigate your needs so we could tailor our product accordingly. We are ready and prepared to fit the needs of your evolving cannabis business. 

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