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A comprehensive employee safety system.

Features: Safety Timer
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Safety timer for protected entry and exit

ACS Safe was designed to protect your employees when they are most vulnerable: entering and exiting the secure facility, especially at the start and end of shifts.

The employee(s) charged with opening or closing your cannabis establishment simply begins a countdown using the app, completes the pre-set required SOPs, and ends the timer once it has been deemed safe. This sends the "all clear" signal to other employees that it is safe to enter the secure location. Each subsequent employee can then use the safety timer to enter and exit the cleared building, during normal operation. If an employee fails to end the countdown using their secret code, ACS Safe sends an alert message to a predetermined contact list containing the employee's name, GPS coordinates, and the local emergency response number for the location. Many businesses utilize third-party security monitoring services to pass along the occurrence of an alert, but ACS Safe goes a step further to provide the proper recipient with all the information they need to quickly and effectively send or enable assistance for the compromised employee.

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Access data in the cloud

All data is stored in the cloud, enabling instant access to detailed information from up to seven years prior to meet your compliance and auditing needs. The safety countdown runs in the cloud, so once started, the timer will continue to run even if the phone is powered off, dies, is lost or destroyed, and will alert the predetermined contact that the employee did not key in their code, and is potentially unsafe; in today's world of uncertainty, this could be lifesaving information. Running the ACS Safe app requires no hardware and negligible data, simply a working cell phone with the ability to connect to wifi. Installation, administration, support and training are completed remotely, saving time and money.

Features: Cloud-Based
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Document Standard Operating Procedures

ACS Safe can be used to log the completion of daily procedures, enabling you to easily identify discrepancies in data and determine how to work more efficiently, ultimately saving you time and money. In addition, using the ACS Safe app supplements the detail-focused daily workflow of most Cannabis Establishments, which makes using our tools approachable and achievable for establishments that may experience high turnover in entry-level positions that include compliance-related tasks. Recording daily procedures, such as arming the alarm system, locking the safe and checking the camera angles not only helps cut costs, but holds your employees accountable for doing the job correctly and completely. ACS Safe can also help your essential workers follow the CDC's COVID-19 recommendations by having employees certify their ability to come to work.

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Respond instantly to active shooter situations

When it comes to an active shooter situation, every second counts, which is why ACS Safe provides every employee the ability to send out an alert. With the press of a button, all employees at the location that day will get a message that could potentially save their lives. Administrators can then use ACS Safe's event management system to communicate with employees, monitoring who is safe and sending help where it is needed.

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Streamlined 2-Way Mass Messaging

Send alerts to employees based on location, department, or by individual selection. Two-way messaging allows administrators to interact with employees in real-time, and all responses are logged in the cloud. This communication tool is essential when you need to reach your team in a mom

Features: Document SOPs
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