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Employee Safety and Cannabis:

A Conversation       Thursday, March 3rd, 2 pm Est.

Previous webinar guest Wendy Mintey

Wendy Mintey

Webinar Clips


Easing people into cannabis

Improving Safety/Regulations

Get to Know Wendy:

As a lifelong resident and adventurer of the PNW, I have melded my passions for nature and business - with over 15 years of experience in customer relations and 5+ in the Oregon cannabis industry; I currently specialize in cannabis regulatory compliance within the sectors of the OLCC, OHA and ODA. I am a founding board member of the Women Leaders in Cannabis, a 501-c6 non-profit, and the Chief Community Liaison of Tokeativity, the global feminist community for active cannabis culture. In all areas of my work, I prioritize environmental justice through regenerative practice in agriculture and life; while empowering women through education and connection.

Smash and Grabs... Why?

War on Drugs

Robbing dispensaries: Expectations vs. reality

Getting a license in Oregan

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