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Q: What phones can run the ACS Safe app?

→ ACS Safe runs on iPhone 4 with IOS 7 or higher and Android 4.0 (Ice_Cream_Sandwich) and above. To find the software version your device currently runs, go to settings > about phone.

Q: Can I use ACS Safe without a smart phone?

→ Yes. There is an SMS version of the system that offers most of the functionality of the mobile app including the clear facility function.

Q: Does the ACS Safe app track me?

→ No. ACS Safe only uses GPS coordinates when a button is pressed to determine the nearest location(s). Click here to find out more about user and data privacy.

Q: What if my business has two locations that are close together or attached?

→ If more than one location is in range, ACS Safe will provide employees with the option to choose which location to enter.

Q: Does the ACS Safe system replace or affect the alarm system?

→ No. ACS Safe notifies key personnel if an employee fails to clear the location in the allotted time or fails to reach the safe location in the allotted time.

Q: Do I have to use the system every time I enter or exit?

→ For best results, ACS Safe recommends using the system every time, but company practices and requirements vary.

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