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The standard for employee safety in the cannabis industry.

ACS Safe is an easy-to-use app engineered to increase employee safety while reducing costs, mitigating risk and equipping you with an array of features to improve your daily operations and prioritize what's most important: protecting people on the job.

ACS Safe app security

Employee Safety

Protection when your people are most vulnerable.

Open & Close

ACS Safe's Safety Timer feature empowers your employees to follow opening and closing procedures with the peace of mind that if something unexpected happens, a response to ensure their safety is the priority. Provide an extra sense of protection to solo employees working off-hour shifts or in areas with extreme weather, without employing full-time security staff. 

Arrive & Leave

With ACS Safe's safety timer, you can know when your employees enter the building safely or make it to their cars when they leave, and you know exactly who is at every location. In the event of an emergency, messages can be sent to multiple numbers, such as Director of Ops, Head of Security or Location Manager, to ensure a response.

Enhance Your Emergency Response Plan

With ACS Safe's innovative system, any employee can use the app to instantly alert and all relevant personnel of the presence of an active shooter at the location. Admin can monitor employee status on the dashboard and prioritize response efforts to help those in danger.

Send messages to employees from the ACS Safe dashboard with the push of a button and interact with employees in real-time. Notify staff about unplanned schedule changes due to weather or local events without having to scramble when you're already stressed.

Communicate with

Two-Way Messaging

ACS Safe is completely cloud based, enabling instant access to data at any time. All data and audit logs are maintained for a minimum of 1 year. System setup, administration, support and training are completed remotely, saving money on time and equipment. 

Employee Accountability

Verifiable cloud-based documentation of SOPs.

With ACS Safe's customizable logging function, employees can use the app to attest to the completion of standard operating procedures. This provides a detailed, accurate record of who, what, when, where and how, saving you time and money when reviewing operations. ACS Safe is designed to prevent employees from logging in as another user (aka "buddy punching" or tampering with recorded information by backdating actions, so you can trust and use your data. Take the guesswork and variability out of required daily tasks and lessen the learning curve for entry-level employees by building accountability checks into your workflow with an easy to use app.

Use the Dashboard Log Function to document:

 Arm Security Alarm & check camera function

✓ Record camera angles

✓ Clear and arm/disarm safe

 Attestation of inventory count

 Employee attestations in real-time (no backlogging)            including: compliance with COVID-19 CDC guidelines        or state-mandated rules regarding consumption while        at the licensed location or on the clock.

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