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Who We Serve

ACS Safe is designed to protect people in a variety of industries including financial services, manufacturing and distribution and cannabis. ACS Safe was originally developed based on mandatory facility clearing protocol for federally-regulated banks, but our niche solution has been successfully implemented in other businesses and we continue to improve and expand its functionality to better protect our customers and serve their industry-specific needs. 

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Industries we serve:

Industries: Who We Serve

Manufacturing & Distribution

Employees constantly come and go from warehouses, factories and offices parks. ACS Safe's comprehensive system is a low-cost, high value way to protect them.


The Bank Protection Act set forth the mandatory clear facility protocol for all federally-regulated banks. ACS Safe facilitates that process and makes it more secure.


ACS Safe fortifies required security plans to provide for the safety of employees of grow facilities, laboratories, dispensaries, and everyone in between.

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