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300 mph winds rip through 50 acres of marijuana.

On Wednesday, May 4th, a Multi Vortex Tornado landed in Maud, Oklahoma. Luckily there were no injuries or death associated with the storm. However, the storm did impact one of Oklahoma's newest industries.

The Tornado touched down around dinner time in Oklahoma, around 6:20 PM, landing right on a marijuana farm. The twister effortlessly ripped the plants out of the ground, ravaging the farm.

There was not much reporting on the matter other than a few videos captured by sky 5 in Oklahoma, which you can view by clicking this link- VIDEOS. Luckily no injuries had occurred from the storm touching down.

Maybe since it was 6:20, the workers on the farm had packed up for the day, or the farm had a great emergency plan put in place. Whatever the reason is, we are glad to see that no one was on the farm at the time.

What if this had happened at noon and everyone was at the facility? Things may have turned out very differently. If you are reading this and have employees in the cannabis industry, take some time to review your safety plans today. You never think an emergency will happen until it does.

Need access to better safety features in case of an emergency? Make sure to check out our safety features at ACS Safe. We offer a two-way mass messaging system that would have worked great in this situation.

The owner could've sent a message alerting the employees about the storm and then a follow-up message asking if everyone at the facility was okay. At ACS Safe, we want to ensure that your employees are safe no matter the situation.

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