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Bay Area criminals are highly targeting Cannabis businesses in smash and grab style robberies!

Robbery video: ACS Safe

New videos emerge from the robberies taking place in the Bay area. These are no ordinary robberies either most are smash and grab robberies. Smash and Grab robberies consist of a large group of people that run in and destroy everything within a shop as they take everything they can carry before running out.

"Knock it off, knock it off; this is unacceptable." says police sergeant Barry Donelan. The Oakland Police Department, led by Donelan, is trying to make a statement and let criminals know that this behavior is unacceptable. They have had to deal with fifteen different robberies from Monday, November fifteenth to Monday, November twenty-second. No doubt there has been more since.

What spots are the criminals targeting? Well, it may surprise you that out of jewelry stores, high-end retail stores, and pharmacies, cannabis businesses hold the majority out of the fifteen listed.

Businesses robbed:

  • Cannabis- 6

  • Retail-4

  • Pharmacies- 2

  • Jewelry- 2

Shocking, I know, but it is not even the worst part. Out of the six robberies, four resulted in gunfire, one involved a man held at gunpoint, and the other was a break-in.

Cannabis businesses robbed:

  • Break in- 1

  • Gunpoint- 1

  • Gunfire- 4

These are life-threatening situations that cannabis employees are going through. Make sure that your employees are protected and that you can stay up to date with them. Here at ACS Safe, we send our condolences to all the people involved in these horrific robberies.

Our company shows extreme dedication when it comes to reducing incidents like these within the Cannabis industry. If you want your employees better protected from situations like this, please reach out and let us introduce you to our low-cost system. We do not want to see your business or any other businesses go through a situation like this; reach out today.

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