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100 people have access to cannabis licenses. It's only right that NY gives back to those who...

The state of New York is getting things together and is expecting to have its Cannabis program up and running by the end of the year. The state has already said that they would set aside 30,000 acres for farmers to grow cannabis, and now they are setting aside 100 cannabis licenses for a specific group of people. This group of people knows cannabis all too well; for the wrong reasons.

Who are these people? It's the people that the continuous war on drugs is affecting. For years people have been locked up and continue to serve time for non-violent marijuana-related charges. Since legalization among states is routine and cannabis programs are popping up all over the country, some states have released inmates who are wrongfully serving time. To make up for time lost, not only is NY dropping sentences, but they are also making sure 100 licenses go to people convicted of weed-related crimes.

New York is going above and beyond by giving back to this group of people. By allowing them to obtain a license, they will be able to make a living off what got them in jail in the first place. What a turn of events this is for many people affected. New York has found a great way to handle the situation; hopefully, more states will follow their notable example.

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