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2022 is Here: Here's what we can expect.

2022 Legalization Ballots:

As 2022 is about to start, we can see the world revert to its normal state. We can also expect more states to realize cannabis is the new norm and add marijuana legalization onto their ballots. In 2020 we saw six Certified Marijuana-related ballot measures.

2020 Certified Marijuana-related ballot measures

  1. New Jersey Public Question 1, Marijuana Legalization Amendment (2020)

  2. South Dakota Constitutional Amendment A, Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2020)

  3. South Dakota Initiated Measure 26, Medical Marijuana Initiative (2020)

  4. Arizona Proposition 207, Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2020)

  5. Montana CI-118, Allow for a Legal Age for Marijuana Amendment (2020)

  6. Montana I-190, Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2020)

This list contains quite a few ballots and gave people hope for a federal measure to make it through. Even though that wasn't the case, new and existing states are still pushing to make that possible. By 2022, many potential medical and recreational ballots may go through.

Potential 2022 Ballots

  1. Florida Medical Marijuana for Mental Health Disorders Initiative (2022)

  2. Florida Medical Marijuana Plants Initiative (2022)

  3. Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Initiative (2022)

  4. Nebraska Medical Marijuana Initiative (2022)

  5. North Dakota Legalize Marijuana and Allow Home Growth Initiative (2022)

  6. Idaho Medical Marijuana Initiative (2022)

  7. Nebraska Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2022)

  8. Missouri Marijuana Legalization and Automatic Expungement Initiative (2022)

  9. Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2022)

  10. Idaho Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2022)

  11. Missouri Changes to Medical Marijuana Program Initiative (2022)

  12. Wyoming Reduce Criminal Penalties for Marijuana Cultivation, Possession, Use, and Transport Initiative (2022)

  13. Wyoming Medical Marijuana Initiative (2022)

  14. Florida Marijuana Use and Growth Legalization Initiative (2022)

  15. Arkansas Decriminalize Marijuana, Create Regulations and Grant Limited Immunity to Cannabis Businesses Initiative (2022)

  16. Missouri Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2022)

  17. Oklahoma Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2022)

  18. Oklahoma State Question 818, Cannabis Commission and Medical Marijuana Regulation Initiative (2022)

  19. South Dakota Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2022)

  20. Missouri Marijuana Legalization and Commercial Facilities Initiative (2022)

  21. Nebraska Medical Marijuana Program Initiative (2022)

  22. Nebraska Medical Marijuana Regulation Initiative (2022)

  23. Washington Prohibit Marijuana Cultivation, Processing, and Sales in Residential Zones Initiative (2022)

  24. Ohio Prohibit Discrimination Against Vaccine and Gene Therapy Choice Initiative (2022)

As you can see, there are many ballots on the list for 2022. If every measure passes in 2022, most States will have legalized marijuana either medically or recreationally. As each state legalizes, more pressure is put on the federal government to make cannabis legal federally. Maybe 2022 will be a year we all can look back on as one of the most critical years in cannabis history.

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