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ACS Safe Webinar: Employee Safety and Cannabis

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

ACS Safe is hosting its first webinar on Cannabis and Employee Safety on March 31st at 3pm EST at no cost to viewers. We are thrilled to welcome experts on both Cannabis and Employee Safety to have an interesting, informed conversation on a topic that we think does not get discussed enough. By tuning into the webinar you will be sure to learn more the impact of COVID-19 on the cannabis industry now and in the future, the difference between cannabis specific regulations and OSHA business regulations, the top employee personal safety tools that can help your business reduce liability and save money, and much more.

Alex Hearding, from the National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA), will be joining us to provide insight into the continuing development of risk management protocols and solutions in the legal cannabis industry. Alex Hearding has an educational and professional background as a water and soil scientist and safety professional. He has legally cultivated marijuana as a medical caregiver and as a facility manager in a licensed greenhouse. He has experience starting marijuana businesses including license application, facility design, construction, operational development, and management. He currently provides services including occupational safety & health services and training and risk management for the cannabis industry.

Our March 31st webinar will also feature Liz Blaz. Liz has just over a decade of experience working in the regulated cannabis industry encompassing dispensary management, consumer education, extraction methodologies and equipment, product development, communications, and supply chain. She specializes in building relationships and working within her vast and trusted network to uphold the integrity of the genetic, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity within the cannabis community and industry. She has a BS in Economics from Wofford College with a concentration in Chinese Studies (Mandarin) and is a DEM Pure Certified Educator.

We hope you'll join us on Wednesday, March 31st at 3pm EST, but if not, we will be recording the webinar and broadcasting it with Facebook Live and posting it to our Youtube page. Follow this link to register for the Zoom today: , and learn more about the event at

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