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Long, Hot Summer: Cannabis Industry Grapples with Break-Ins

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

There has been an uptick in Cannabis dispensary robberies this summer, bringing the importance of employee safety to the forefront of the industry. In June, Leafly reported that 43 West Coast dispensaries were robbed during the rioting that occurred after the killing of George Floyd. Since June, the robberies have continued at a steady rate, causing concern for essential workers who have no choice but to continue coming into work. Since late-May, Portland dispensaries have averaged one break-in every other night with no sign of the burglaries slowing down. During one break in, employees were bound with zip ties and robbed at gunpoint, underscoring the risk essential workers in the Cannabis industry take when they report to work. Not only is there a COVID-19 health risk, but the risk of armed robbery and potential violence has become a real threat this summer.



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