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Common Osha violations in the cannabis industry

Pt.3- Workplace fire prevention plans

A solid fire prevention plan is essential to have within your business. No matter what part of the industry you work in, there is more than likely some heated equipment you will use at work. In the retail area of the industry, you may run into the process of extracting oil from the flower to make cannabis-infused products. This process uses butane to extract THC; the THC drips down into a container to store it for later use. Butane is a highly flammable gas that employees need to work with very cautiously. With the right amount of oxygen, this gas can combust at a harmful level.

So, how do you avoid accidents with butane or whatever heated element you use in the workplace? You make a clear and concise fire prevention plan. Fire prevention plans should address four things.

  1. Address any hazards within the facility.

  2. Accumulation of waste materials.

  3. Maintenance of heat-producing equipment.

  4. The names and titles of employees responsible for various parts of the fire prevention plan.

As always, make sure to check out your state and OSHA guidelines when working on safety plans.

With a firm safety plan in place, you can avoid being a hot topic within your area. Set some compliance to make sure your employees are following your procedures correctly and accordingly. Check out our site,, if you need any help establishing employee compliance in your workplace. We are happy to help by ensuring that your place of business will be a safe, comfortable environment for your employees.

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