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Employee Safety When Disaster Strikes

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Remember those fire drills you used to do in elementary school when the entire school would file out of the building and go to exact spots just to practice in case a fire ever happened? There was a reason we all did this because disaster strikes in an instant. The severity of natural disasters does not have to be explained to those currently living in California or Colorado. As of September 1st, Colorado is just beginning to gain control of four different wildfires that had been active for the better part of August. Recently the New York Times reported that there were 625 active fires across the state destroying homes and businesses.

Wildfires spread aggressively in the summer with gusting winds and high temperatures. During these times, it is important for companies to have emergency plans prepared just in case they have to take action. Mass messaging has become an effective tool for employers to manage emergency situations since they can notify employees to check on their safety and notify location closings or schedule changes. Recently Google CEO Sundar Pichai was talking about how important mass messaging has become for him and the company this summer during the California wildfires.

ACS Safe’s mass messaging system provides employers peace of mind, ensuring that they will be able to have two-way messaging capabilities whenever disaster strikes. A feature that makes ACS Safe’s system stand out is it’s dynamic location updating capability. If you have multiple locations, our system will let you know who has checked in to the at risk location in real time, lowering the chance of not accounting for all of your employees during an emergency. Instead of having an old school fire drill, mass messaging allows efficient safety checks that don’t require counting or potentially dangerous clustering. ACS Safe is committed to being on the cutting edge of employee safety, providing industry leading solutions so that when disaster strikes, you’re ready.


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