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Make sure your employees know how to handle hazardous situations!

Common OSHA citations for the cannabis industry:

Pt.1- Employee Hazard Material Training

When working in the cannabis industry, an employee might interact with hazardous materials more than you think. Often people think of the cannabis industry from the dispensary standpoint where they imagine a retail setting and no risk from hazardous materials, hardly at all. What is looked over in this situation is the horticultural side of the industry. The horticultural side includes farms(indoor/outdoor), labs, and cultivation centers. Within this area of the industry, you find a lot of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. When dealing with chemicals, employees need to be aware of them and know how to handle them properly. To make sure your employees meet the correct requirements; It is best to look up your state's particular guidelines and requirements.

What hazmat requirements typically look like:

  • General Awareness/ Familiarization training

  • Safety Training

  • Security Awareness training

  • Function-specific training

  • Modal-specific training

Make sure you and your employees follow each step precisely to avoid any conflict from OSHA. If OSHA finds anything out of place, it will likely result in a pretty hefty fine for your business. Nobody wants a hefty fine like this, so make sure to set up some compliance to ensure that your employees are following not only your guidelines but guidelines the state has put in place as well. Setting firm compliance will also help avoid any unnecessary accidents. The last thing you want to see on the job is an employee hurt. Make sure that employee safety is number one in your business. Here at ACS Safe, we put your employees first; we hope you will as well.

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