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The MORE Act- What does this mean for marijuana in America?

What is the MORE ACT?

The MORE ACT will appear in the house by Friday, where they will vote on the bill, to decide if it will proceed to the senate or not. MORE is an acronym for MARIJANA OPPORTUNITY REINVESTMENT and EXPUNGEMENT. This bill will officially remove marijuana from the list of scheduled drugs and provide additional benefits for the industry and those affected by the war on drugs.

Things the bill will do.

  • Decriminalize marijuana at the federal level

  • Gives States power to set their own marijuana policies

  • requires federal courts to expunge prior marijuana convictions

  • Authorizes a 5% tax to fund programs supporting communities most impacted by the War on Drugs

  • Provides funding for small cannabis businesses

  • Prevents deportations for marijuana convictions

  • Prohibits denial of federal housing benefits based on marijuana offense or use

What does unscheduled marijuana mean for the industry?

Growth! Many states do not currently have marijuana programs since it is a scheduled drug. For example, Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee has previously stated that he would not consider a marijuana bill until the federal government removes it from the list of scheduled drugs. I am sure there are other state officials across the country with the same mindset as him.

Final thoughts

Time and time again, medical benefits have been found in marijuana, and people's lives have wrongfully been affected by minor marijuana use. This bill would change everything by allowing people to use marijuana without the worry of it ruining their lives. It will also enable small businesses to stay and survive in the industry. Supporting small businesses will minimize the chance of a few companies taking over the entire industry. With all the benefits it will bring, we should do everything we can to support this bill and try to end the marijuana stigma.

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