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UPDATE: Long, Hot Summer Continues

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Some may question if the increase in dispensary theft is just a result of a long, tense summer full of civil unrest, but dispensary break-ins had already reached a three year high in Denver in 2019. John Goutell, general counsel for Frosted Leaf, a local chain of cannabis dispensaries, says that he sees the burglaries continuing to grow as long as cannabis is forced to deal with so much cash. Employees are concerned that crime will continue and possibly get worse. When break-ins have occurred, employees have made efforts to deescalate the situation; however, they are not being provided with all of the tools to truly protect themselves. Some in Cannabis are questioning if the police even feel motivated to protect retail Cannabis establishments, according to a recent Forbes article. The need for employee safety has never been more important. Employee retention is dramatically decreased when work environments are unsafe forcing executives in the Cannabis Industry to figure out how to reduce the risks or bear the burden of continually finding and training new employees. We, at ACS Safe, pride ourselves for being the industry standard for employee safety. In this crazy world, we all need someone to watch our back. Let us help you with that.

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