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West Coast Crime Sprees Rage On: Marijuana Dispensaries, Highly Targeted.

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At the end of 2021, we observed an increase in smash and grab-style robberies in the Bay Area of California. We did a piece on it that you can read if you click on the following link However, to sum the article up, groups of ten to thirty people barbarically stampede into a business; smashing displays and grabbing anything they can get their hands on. These scenes are horrific and dangerous to the victims of these groups.

Marijuana dispensaries were among the most targeted businesses for these groups. According to recent events, things have not gotten any better. Tom Bout, the founder of Cannabis Professionals Network, conducted a study that showed over thirty marijuana businesses have seen robberies since late November 2021. Not only has California still been suffering, but their northern neighbor Washington has been affected as well. Seattle and its suburbs have seen most of the action within the state, leaving dispensary owners pleading for authorities to do something to stop the ever-growing crime on businesses.

On January 19th, 2022, Green Lady Marijuana faced the unimaginable within their store. Four masked men burst into the shop wielding handguns and demanding everyone drops to the ground. The men then proceeded to take $6000 of cash and $2000 worth of product.

Business owners on the west coast are wondering when all this will end. The only thing they can do at the moment is increase security. Some things they can do are:

  • Create a security plan.

  • Create an emergency plan of action for employees.

  • Hire armed guards.

  • Keep less cash on hand

Here at ACS Safe, we want to reduce the harm done to employees within the cannabis industry. Our system creates a more comfortable workplace for employees and gives them more peace of mind. Please reach out to us, and create a safer environment for your employees. To check out what we are about, visit From our home page, you can find our features and our story. Our thoughts go out to the west coast as they face these adversities at this time.

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